How do I know if my career is in good shape?

1. Take our online career fitness profiler 

2. Discuss the results with a professional career coach

3. Define your action plan

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Power in numbers

By 2050, most workers will have had 14 jobs by age 40.


35% of employees have changed jobs within the last three years.


In their first 10 years of employment, new grads will work in 3 different industries, on average, 

< 30% of people spend their career in 1 field.


60% of employees say the ability to do what they do best in a role is “very important” to them.

45% of millennials say a job that accelerates their professional or career development is “very important” to them. 

Self-Directed Careers

Don't wait for others to offer you a career on a plate.

Take charge of your own career!

Are you on top of your career?

Many people shift from one job to another, with some taking safe bets and others going for bolder moves.  Some people realize in hindsight that some of their choices were not the best possible. With ever shorter time in each job or organization career tour of duties, there is only ONE PERSON who should take ownership: YOU!


What does it take?

It's easy to get started, beginning with the Self-Discovery of your key interests, skills, personal traits, and what makes you unique. To then identify where in the World of Work you want to get leverage, and then nailing that ideal job... as a building block for a satisfying career.


Do I need a coach?

Although you would like to do this yourself, experience tells us that skilled career coaches can apply expertise gained from comparable cases and most importantly keep you honest and on track...


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Career Fitness Profiler

Measures how well you manage your career in three ways

and sums it up in the Career Fitness Index.


Career Focus  

Your Career Focus describes your Main Motivators and Main Pitfalls. The Motivators indicate which career values are most important to you in your professional career. When considered in your career choices, they are most likely to contribute to a feeling of personal success and satisfaction. Not acknowledging your primary Motivators will most likely result in walking right into your Main Pitfalls, leading a feeling of unhappiness or a lack of job-satisfaction. 

Career Power 

Your Career Power indicates your typical disposition toward managing your own career. We check if you master the four key elements of effective career self-management: focus, capacity to imagine and explore options, pro-activeness, and mobility. We provide you with a career type and development tips to become a true career explorer.

Career Energy 

Your Career Energy represents the level of energy you currently have and the extent to which you are stretched. An adequate balance of Energy & Stress has been shown to positively influence engagement, performance and job satisfaction in general. In general, being ‘in flow’ - with high levels of self-efficacy, hope, resilience, and optimism - will have a positive impact on your career aspirations.


Get Started 

Hear from people just like you, who took their careers into their own hands! 

Each of these profiles demonstrates a customer who utilized the Career Fitness Profiler at a different stage in their career. We really feel that the Career Fitness Profiler is not just a tool to help you understand your career, but also strengthen yourself. 

Bart Muskala

When I took the Career Fitness Profiler, I was very much contemplating a possible career move, towards independent employment. I couldn’t seem to get my head around all the pro’s and con’s of a choice with such impact. I realized I needed to get a grip on my career, and that I could use a sounding board in the process. The report and the subsequent career discussion with my coach made me realize that I was ready, and that I needed to make the step. This step would take me further away from the perceived stability, the well paid job, and towards the unknown. Today I am a business owner, with two employees on the payroll. Small and modest, but with big ambition and motivation and excitment to go to work every day. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the Career Fitness Profiler feedback it’s ‘just go for it!’

Sebastian Eisenberg

To me, the Career Fitness Profiler seemed like a serendipitous opportunity that ended up providing me with clarity about my career trajectory. I had been in Graduate school pursuing a Masters in Global Management, but I realized this wasn't the right direction for me. With my experience in Hospitality, I felt I could always fall back on restaurant management, but I didn't want to waste my academic achievements. So, I took the survey and it really did give me insight into who I am professional, as well as what prospects would be best for me. The survey underlined what I had anticipated: my distinct lack of direction, but it provided me with other insights that I was able to apply to my career.  It suggested that I should be in a small working environment and that I should have a high degree of challenge in order to keep myself motivated.  Thanks to the feedback from my coach and the new drive I obtained from this experience I emerged feeling reinvigorated to enter the work place. Amazingly I found my new career path instantly as I accepted a position with the CareerCoach team, and am excited to help others on their journey towards a fulfilling career.

Peter Vandevivere

When I filled out the Career Fitness Profiler, I was at a crossroad in my career. I was working for a large company, which had always been known as a stable employer. However, due to restructuring, I knew I was going to loose my job. The context was forcing me to make choices.
I decided to take the Career Fitness Profiler. The result was a real eye-opener to me. The feedback and discussions I had with my coach have changed my life for the better radically.
My coach made me see that I had to balance two different aspects of myself: my profile, which described me as an explorer with a high need for self-determination and entrepreneurial ambition and my behavior. I tended to hold on too strongly to a position in a company where I no longer belonged.
Since then, I’ve made my legs follow my heart and my head: I’ve become a freelancer. I enjoy the working life even more… My preference for management positions in large organizations still is my main focus. I have however managed to balance it with my sense of entrepreneurship and need for self-determination.
Changing organizations more often has given me more challenge and personal growth.

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