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March 12, 2015



Nowadays, knowing what you want out of your job and career is not enough. You need to make it all happen for you. Contemporary career management is all about self-management and career competencies. In fact, this is true for everyone, whether you are an independent or work within an organization.

Moreover, you know what? Career competencies or career attitudes can be measured and developed.
Let’s look at what these particular career attitudes are first. Then we’ll dig into the development part.

There are four career attitudes which have been scientifically identified. The person who has all four of them can be considered a career architect. Furthermore, every one of these four attitudes can be represented by a body part.


Do you possess all four body parts? There’s a way to know. CareerCoach® offers a questionnaire that allows you to measure these attitudes (among other career related topics like career values and energy-stress balance).

However, even without measuring, it might be clear to you that you need some development on one or more of these attitudes.
Let’s see how I can help you:


Please consider the next four (out of sixteen possible career types) When the body part is dark, the person has the career attitude it represents. When the body part is light colored, some development might be in order. What kind of career behavior do you think these types will show?



Lesley Vanleke


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