The Importance of Career Fitness in

a Modern Career Landscape 

September 1, 2017


According to the Gallup study (2017), 1/3 of America’s workforce has changed jobs over the last three years. With so much mobility going on, we can safely say that careers have become more dynamic and unpredictable. There are no more scripts; people can change freely from one specific field to another, decide to take up a new study at the age of 40 or combine different professional roles for different companies at the same time. Experiencing such freedom suggests enormous opportunities, but for people who are not equipped for the current employability context, the whole job market may feel like a jungle. If you recognize this, then read on and find out more about how to manage your career towards professional satisfaction and general Career Fitness.

Due to many factors – technological advancement, heavy (global) competition, mass access to higher education, a shift in the perception of jobs like an activity that gives sense and meaning to life, rather than merely a way to make a living, … - the traditional linear career is no longer a valid model for the way we perceive careers. Indeed, making a rather permanent choice in terms of career orientation at the beginning of the professional career and then staying with the first company ever worked for is no longer a realistic outlook. The “loyalty in exchange for life long employment” paradigm has shifted towards “flexibility in exchange for employability.” Indeed, organizations are faced with constant change, and their employees have to change with them, showing enormous flexibility. To make this possible, employees must learn new things all the time in order to stay employable in a job market with plenty of opportunities but insecurity as well. In order to do well in such a context, individuals must take charge of their careers. As career owners are stuck in old career models, they are blind for the current context in which managing their careers becomes essential.

How many people do you know who have been taken by surprise by a layoff and have no clue on how to proceed further? How many people do you know who cannot explain what a successful career would be for them personally? How many people do you know who complain about low levels of energy and a lurking burn out?  All these examples are indications of a lack of Career Fitness.  

At CareerCoach® we are convinced that understanding that the career model has changed - i.e., that careers are unpredictable and dynamic - is the first step towards developing Career Fitness. Someone with a high Career Fitness Index (CFI) has:

We also think that Career Fitness can be developed and that is a key insight for every career owner.

So why should you invest in your Career Fitness? Here are some arguments:

So where to start? Here are three tips:

In conclusion, we have entered a new era in careers; one where Career Fitness is essential. Career Fitness can be measured and developed. What are you waiting for?

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Lesley Vanleke 

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