Meet the team 

Wouter Van Bockhaven: Career Fitness Architect

Why I’m at CareerCoach®: Constantly developing new career products allows me to do 2 things I love: solving puzzles and delighting customers, in all autonomy.
My career dream: To boldly go where no reasonable man has gone before
My Career Fitness Index: 89
My Career Profile: Innovative Strategist
My career challenge:    I tend to be without measure: always one project too many, never enough hours in a day and dreams always too big to realize in the time frame I had in mind.

Lesley Vanleke: Career Practice Pioneer

Why at I'm CareerCoach®: CareerCoach® allows me to pioneer on my passion: careers, together with the wonderful people that are my collegues, customers and bunisness partners.

Dream: to be on a continuous career journey and enjoying the ride
My Career Fitness Index: 85
My Career Profile: Contemporary Careers Catalyst
Challenge: Keeping the balance between being a highly ambitious professional, a mother, a spouse, daughter, a friend and a sculpter.

Philip Vanhoutte: Veteran Career Thought Leader

Why I’m at CareerCoach®: Spread the Career Vitality and Fitness gospel to individuals, coaches, employers, education, social partners, and government.

My career dream: Mass Realization of Human Potential
My Career Fitness Index: 92
My Career Profile: Career Fitness Ambassador
My career challenge: As a curious curator, bridge builder, and energetic thought leader the extent of my enthusiasm for smarter careers may at times feel a bit overwhelming. Hence the constant need to focus on distilling essentials into impactful recommendations.

Sebastian Eisenberg : Creative Career Enthusiast

Why I’m at CareerCoach®: CareerCoach® has given me the outlet to combine my passion for the creative with my passion for helping people. It has also given me an amazing environment to develop my career.

My career dream: To do things that challenge the norm and remain creative while doing so.
My Career Fitness Index: 85
My Fitness Profile: Contemporary Visualizer
My career challenge: I am one who always has my eyes set on the next prize. I need to focus on the present.

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